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Poster you would most like to meet:
Fred3 (5) Julianna (5) (Ed. Note - Julianna has got to be the most influential person who's never here) Mike T. (4) Shabadu (3) Crasher (3) Sabine (3) woodmouse (3) Pete (3) Shiva (2) TRON (2) Chef (2) Celly (2) Chewbacca (2) Slartibartfast (2) JimC (2) Moneyman (2) Ska, Jm, DHDescender, Martini, A.S., Berrywise, Can't Climb,, Big Ring, Mental, Ghost, Polariss, JD, Knolly, Harooks, Johnny Freeride, Finch Platte, Deana, Sara (Stine's niece), Farah Fawcett (back when I was 12), DaleRider1, Chet Peach, Gnarlene, Stine, Wickedgirl, MaryAnn, Ken, Too many to pick from - SF Locals or Front Range locals, Hummah Ha, The Matrix Crew, rollingbones

Favorite male poster:
Pete (16) Chef (8) Fred3 (5) Finch Platte (5) - just demented enough to be amusing, just accurate enough to be thought-provoking Stokey (4) woodmouse (3) stokey (3) JimC (3) A.S. (2) Dalerider1 (2) Shiva (2) Brad Trent (2) Anon. Ref, maleman, rollingbones, Jive Tolkien, Shifty Bits, SPOON!, Hoo, berrywise, Mugg, Boy George, Swiss, Johnny Freeride, John P, Rev Bubba, Nonny, Twiggy, zilla, Slartibartfast, LakeRaven, Chet Peach, Mike T., Reed Weedakowski, UPCC, Stine, Fro Rider Poster

Favorite female poster:
Stine (14) - (She's full of spirit) Crasher (10) Gnarlene (8) Cleatgrrl (5) Polariss (4) rt (3) Deanna (3) Krizkit (3) Missy (2) Sabine (2) Kathy (2), MA, lucylips, IFFY, Pup, Pikabike, MTBIrv, Wheelie, Pete, MaryAnn, Farah Fawcett (back when I was 12), Spike, Sabine, Chef, Brodiegrrl, Julianna, Prizinor, Marzocchi Posters

Best flame poster:
Pete (36) - (simply because he can egg on the lurker spazes so easily/when he's riled) Brad Trent (19) (still, even though he hardly posts anymore) Ian Collins (3) A.S. (2) Wong, The Anon. Ref, There haven't been any for a long time╔, Shiva, Any respondent to Cleatgrrl, Anal Aaron, BikinCO, Cleatgrrl, DFA, Celly

Best lurker:
Who knows - they're lurking (8) Myself (6) Lurker Spaz (4) - #23 DFA (5) BikinCO (2) - what a weirdo Mech Diff (2) Celly (2) Anon. Ref (2) Hoo, Yardsale, Pikabike, Ilan (Howard Roarke), Mike T., Alex, Chef (Ed. Note - HUH?!?!), Sarah, kldbogde, zignzag, Missy, Not Fred3, Lurkers suck, Brad Trent, Penguin, Polariss, Berrywise

Best writer:
Stokey (14) Mugg (6) Woodmouse (5) Chef (5) Big Ring (3) - for a series of epic ride stores posted here - The Pup (3) Fred3 (3) Kristian (2) Slartibartfast (2) Julianna (2) (Ed. Note - and, Julianna wrote something when, exactly...? Last year?) Moneyman (2) Commutant, Can't Climb, Swiss, Knolly, JimC,, Brodiegrrl, Shabadu, Hoo, Ska!, Ichabod, Rož, Patricia Cornwell

Most humorous:
Pete (17) - oh, wait - I thought you said humongous Finch Platte (6) A.S. (4) Brad Trent (4) Ichabod (3) Reed Weedakowski (3) - his posts make me want to burn a bowl Woodmouse (4) Chef (3) Jive Tolkien (2) Bugaroo (2) JimC, Shifty Bits, SPOON!, Stine, Slartibartfast, John B., Nonny, JesusFreak, The Pup, "Crasher gets her RM" - okay, it's a post not a person, BikinCO, Celly, Mike T.

Favorite/Best photo:
Pete (5) - videos/Hawaii Any of Stokey's pan shots (3) Sedona (3) Seven Springs - SF I (3) Any by Sarah & Chet (2) Knolly's friend boosting that big-ass rock (2) The goofy-looking one of Finch Platte (take your pick), Brodiegrrl in Utah (taken by LeeL when he proposed), MTBmuFfinAN's pics of his heli-trip, any North Shore shot, crack 'n fail's new DH bike, Mugg, Stine, Bender's Jump, Joisey /\/\|Ke endoing over the log, any Joker pics, Chewbacca's burst shot of Ryan Leech, Double Rainbow, , bugaroo & "girlfriend", Slarts & The Sock in front of the van, Finch Platte "fog series", Kristian & Tiggerrider do the Gorge, Pete's AZ Sub Rock Panorama, Parkmeister in Tahoe by Photo John, Craven's "Vernal" pics, Pete's Squamish video, Any AZ pics, Sedona AZ SubRock face-riders, BTs nose collage by Shiva, DR1 holding his bike over his head, the one on the home page, Francis's baby in utero on a bike!,

Best photographer:
Pete (34) - for the movies Brad Trent (8) Photo John (8) Stokey (6) Craven (3) Mugg (3) Stine (2) brodiegrrl, Sarah, PTGM, Chewbacca, Dr. Faustus, Chef

Best bike skills:
Knolly (18) Chewbacca (12) Boy George (5) Tiggerrider (3) Alex (3) LeeL (2) Mtbberzerker (2) JimC (2) - (showing that you don't need to be 20 to manage) Finch Platte, celly, woodmouse, Haruki, Pancho, ScottN, Bender, Flat, MTBmuFfinmAN, Russ-Ale, Rož, Hammer, K'Endo, Pete, DaveK, DFA, Kenny G-Spot, fourarmcrank, Ken, North Shore dudes, Hans Rey

Favorite gathering:
Spring Fling (10) Bromont (6) Mt. Snow (5) Squamish (4) Replay by the Bay (4) Tahoe '00 (4) NW-NAG (3) - oh wait, that wasn't actually a Gathering - d'oh! Fruita Fat Tire Festival (2) Niagra on the Lake (2) 24 Hrs of Moab (I know its unofficial, but I was there with other MTBRs), Thorpe, Pocono Micro, Thorpe '99 (Ed. Note - this is "2000", now. D'oh!), Spoke Junkies Unite Ride, GTRider's 30th Birthday Bash, SummerInColorado (Ed. Note - this is '00! D'oh!), Fruita '98 (Ed. note - *sigh...*), Pete, DR1 Memorial Sugarbottom Ride, Jasper, DFA & Vinnie's in June

Favorite post/thread:
Spring Fling Thread (4) DR1 Memorial (3) Moneyman's Ride for the Roses, LeeL's Proposal, Anything involving Wheelie & Pete, Anything making fun of the DH dorks/JesusFreak/KonoctiKid, Bromont Thread, Downhill, any one with group photos, The ongoing flame wars revolving around religion, Rockville, "'The Lot was empty', by The Spirit of Mercer", "We need more religion discussions! (ducks)", Hardcore Kommuter tips for commuting, Cleatgrrl vs DHers, Woodmouse meets Bill the Cat, DR1 gives Berrywise kudos for the '98 Grimy's - the ultimate compliment, Any religion thread, The Horse Threads in Techtalk, God vs Anything, Jasper Gathering, Pete vs Christians, Fred waiting for his Titus (countless posts), Cleatgrrl DH incident at Bromont, Actual ride reports and pics - isn't that the point of the board?!?!, movies, Passion, Woodmouse's Stray Cat thread

Worst post/thread:
Anything relating to religion (13) Politics (10) Anything by SPOON/BamaMan (5) Tofu (3) Cleatgrrl's original DH bashing post (3) Anything Pete (2) - that prick Anything involving Wheelie & Pete, Any DH post, any religious rant involving JF & Pete, Anything that gets major replies and doesnŇt' have any MTB content, Passion, The Flambe of Chef, SUV Rants, Any with Wheelie, God vs Anything, Anything Fred3 complains about, any birthday-related greeting or other such nonsense, BLM, MTB Heaven

Favorite newbie:
Crasher (11) Fred3 (6) Gnarlene (4) Slowride (2) Billy Zoom (2) SPOON, Sabine, Ocron (hehe), My sister (okay, she doesn't post here, but I did get her to start riding this year), DaveinKC, Celly, Cannonball (jhoppmann), littlebeth, Pete, Chef (Ed. note - rriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...), Twilight Error, Ghost, Krizkit

Best tech advice:
Mike T. (21) - is there anyone else? Randolf (3) from Stratos D8 (3) knobbydad (2) Dougal (2) Woodmouse, Angryasian, clamp your rear skewer facing rearward,, get the bike that fits you and your budget, JimC, Keep yer tires aired up, Fred3 - of all people, Doc Wong, Get ATACs, Eeny Bear, Pedro, Redger, Stine, MTB Action mag

Worst tech advice:
Shaun (4) Chef! (3) (Ed. Note - since when does Chef post advice in Techtalk╔?) D8 (3) Ian Collins (2) Josh (2) - glad he's gone The Old Man, moneyman, Fred3, woodmouse, yoman - what an idiot, "╔Just a little harder with the hammer╔", any with sarcasm, Shaving ATAC cleats, wide rims are bad, RM7 Boy, Cleatgrrl, 9spd kicks ass, DFA, Grease yer chain every ride, The complete lack of useful info in Techtalk sometimes, ATACs suck, JesusFreak, Jonno, waspinator, Shiva, Ol' One-Eye (mech at LBS)

Most exciting flame war:
Pete vs DHers/Religion (3)/Anybody (2)/ProCal/Wheelie (2)/SPOON/anything that goes beyond the grasp of my monitor (Ed. Note - is there ANY doubt that Pete posts a lot?!) Cleatgrrl vs Dhers (3) Tofu (3) Flame wars jut haven't been the same lately╔ (3) Religious (2) BT vs the brats in DH, Bama vs everyone, Helmets - Prevent injury vs Not, Crusty & Ian Collins, Exciting?, Ian Collins is a gay fag, Sun vs Mavic, BikinCO vs Pikabike, The Anon Ref vs Everyone, URT's vs 4-bar, Little Boy on Jesus's lap, Anything with Creekboy, Chef vs Everyone, BikinCO vs Pete, Anything with JesusFreak, Any against Wheelie, Any between JD & Doc Wong, Celly vs Capt. Caliber, Can't Climb vs Arabstrap

Best marketplace salesperson:
Randolph, Bill Larson, Blade (I'm always selling bikes), pezzo33 (Barry Gagne), Chris Fox, Chuck G., Slyfox, Voree, Edgy, Michael Garcia (hand-built wheels/customer service), BikemanNH, RK, Chet

Most liked MTBR couple:
That Geordie Bloke & Penny Lane (14) Celly & Spike (10) Leel & Brodiegrrl (6) Fred3 & Quilter (4) Nonny & Deanna (4) CA & TT (4) Stine & O'Pher (4) MA & BG (3) Missy & Doc Wong (3) DFA & Vinnie (3) Mugg & Rosita (2) Grinder & Mrs. X (3) Shiva & Jody, SnapDragon & Goatboy, Andy & Krizkit Mudsprocket, Hoo & MTB Turtle, Bones & Nick, Pete & Wheelie, BeeTs & CTinCT (CT is the reason)

Best looking male poster:
Arcadia (Ed. Note - Um, perhaps "Acadian"? D'OH!) (6) Capt. Caliber (4) Woodmouse (3) CA (2) Chef (2) (Ed. Note - HUH?!) Brad Trent (2) zilla, Woodmouse's eldest son (Sam), berrywise - what a cutie!, Boy George, Big John, Oh please╔, slartibartfast, Nonny, Bones, cannonball, Twiggy, CraigH, Hmmm - would that make me gay?, Chet Peach, Dethrider, NOT Shiva

Best looking female poster:
Polariss (14) Crasher (9) Stine (3) Gnarlene (3) deanna (2) Spike (2) lucylips, brodiegrrl, Sabine, my wife, Brodiegrrl, Quilter, too many choices, Pete, Kathy, Brad Trent, Julianna, Krizkit, Nicole, Sara (Stine's niece), Mary Ann, Glittergrrls, Vinnie, Sarah, Wickedgirl, Can't Climb

Poster you wish would go away:
Pete (9) SPOON (8) - for obvious reasons Wheelie (6) Cleatgrrl (4) All the Dhers, Hoo, Ian Collins, RM7 Boy, The Asshole from NJ who won't leave a handle, Stine, earthworm, DFA, Unicoi, A.S., Chef, Any random spaz, Shawn, Jonno (MongooseBMX), All the little kids - no wait, they're fun to pick on..., Capt. Caliber, BikinCO, Oedipal Boy, Woodmouse, All hate-mongers, JD, Spelling Police, Marzocchi Posters

Worst grammar and spelling:
Mellow Yellow (16) - Mellow Yello SPOON (11) or whatever he/she is calling him/herself Berrywise (6) - (bloody hell, berry, it's GRAMMAR - two years in a row!!) Bikebreath (3) Grammar Police (2) Spelling Police, Shaun, RM7 Boy, ToddH, brianc, All of those Jesus kids, zilla, Ghengis, GTRider, yoman, Chef, 2WD, Wheelie, Ian Collins, Polariss, JD, Jonno

Most frequent poster:
Fred3 (44) - cuz of all the dang "sooper dooper!"s/get a clue who LL KOOL J IS, HOLMES! Chef (13) Pete (10) Finch Platte (4) Mellow Yellow, Rev. Bubba, flmoto, A.S., 911, Red Ascent

Most frequently in chat:
Celtic Chick (6) Mikey2 (3) Kamikaze (2) Charlie America (2) Chef, Schwinnman, Chat SUCKS, 2WD, Anyone with "Bullit" in their name, ProCal, Weasel, DickBarton, Not Nonny, Idiots, DFA

Most frequent tech talk poster:
Mike T. (8) - he's on 24/7 JimC (3) A.S. (2) gammadriver (2) AngryAsian (2), Bart Simpson, D8 - he's rather compusive, Dougal, CC, Rev Bubba, Shaun, Red Ascent, terminaut, Shiva, Pete, waspinator, any of those damned Mahgoorah clansmen, Randolph from Stratos

Most likely to take offense:
Chef (7) - he's only left the board twice this year over flame wars (Ed. note - try once...) Pete (5) - with JesusFreak Mellow Yellow (4) Pikabike (4) Procal (3) Brat Trend (3) cleatgrrl (3) BikinCO (2) DFA (2) Fred3 (2) Stine (2) Chet (2) BamaMan/Spoon (2) St. Louis Rams, Ian Collins, Tie: Capt. Caliber/GTRider, The softies/jesus freaks/weak of heart, a youngster, KD, Religious types, Anyone chatting with Pete, Charcrosan, MCMs, moneyman, Jm, Just about everyone, Froggy, woodmouse, JesusFreak, 2WD, upNdown

Most likely to be confused:
Fred3 (7) Cleatgrrl (3) Mellow Yellow (3) DFA (3) Stine (3) Pikabike (2) Ian Collins (2) Shaun (2) Woodmouse (2) ProCal (2) GW Bush, The Dhers, JesusFreak, Religious types, PeeWee, Joey PineCone, Josh, any newbie, hedgehog, Nonny, BikinCO, Cush, Pup, Missy, Joshua FS Sis

Most likely to put foot in mouth:
Cleatgrrl (5) Fred3 (4) Chef (4) procal (3) Wheelie (2) pikabike (2) JesusFreak (2) BikinCO (2) GW Bush, Pete, the softies/jesus freaks/weak of heart, Chet, Twilight Error, anyone arguing with Pete, moneyman, DFA, hedgehog, Nonny, JD, woodmouse, Cush, Pup, Brad Trent, Metal Cowboy

Most likely to piss you off:
Pete (16) Cleatgrrl (5) Those who don't think before typing (2) BikinCO (2) JD (2) GW Bush, Sugarloaf, Chef, flmoto, Pissed off? It's the Internet, Ian Collins, Religious types, Jm, DFA, Wheelie, pikabike, Froggy, Hoo, Capt. Caliber, Why would I let any of these people piss me off?, Everyone, Any hate-mongers, Pup, Jonno

Other Comments
Another fine year of seasoned cynicism from those of us who have been around a while, and newbie enthusiasm from those who do now know any better - and thanks for doing this, BW.

I think the post about DR1's passing should get an honorable mention for setting a precedent in Passion, not only for the most replies but also the camaraderie felt here by all Passionites!

This makes no sense. (berrywise notes: just take another pill, it'll be alright)

Once again, where's the banquet, and will it be an open bar? (berrywise notes: my house, five bucks a cup)

You done good, Berry - now go drink a beer or two. (berrywise notes: or twelve)

I appreciate your efforts, Berrywise. (berrywise notes: and thanks to chef and my brother)

Too many newbies and I'm confuse - Must turn off the TV and spend more time in the "soap opera" that is MTBR Passion. (berrywise notes: 56.6 modems just don't cut it anymore, need a cable modem or a T1)

I think "Best Bike Skills" should be divided for male and female next time. (berrywise notes: great idea, look forward to it)

Thanks for a fun diversion!

Pretty good setup BW but you should have nominations next time. (berrywise notes: yeah that is a problem. Part of the problem is people can't remember stuff that happened ten to twelve months ago. My dream is for everyone to have a bookmarks folder labeled grimeys and they can bookmark posts they feel are worthy of the awards ;o)

If only the Presidential Election were this easy...

Thanks again for doing this, BW - It's tons of fun.

Keep up the good work, BW... Wish there was a category I could win this year!

Cleatgrrl sux - she has big nutz. (berrywise notes: thanks, I'll remember that)

Needs some different questions, bw - all the same, thanks! (berrywise notes: Yo foo I asked for questions and even put up last years questions but didn't get any help)

I'm looking for Pete and Fred3 to come out the big winners. (berrywise notes: ding ding we have a winner)

Silversurfer needs to get a special Award of Merit for the smoothest, most impressive Gathering ever. (Ed. note - Agreed.)

Way cool, Kami - keep it up! (Ed. note - Um, who again?) (berrywise notes: haha agreed chef)

Darling, where did you get that dress?

For Best/Worst threads and pics, it might be a good idea to have some nominations from which one we could pick, and thanks!

Nominees would be nice. My memory ain't so good anymore. (berrywise notes: hey I voted after ten beers and I thought I still did a pretty admirable job of remembering)

A special "Kick the Dog" award should be minted at once, and awarded to Cush for being a putz. ;-PP

Looking forward to the results. (berrywise notes: hope they were worth the wait)

Doing the awards makes for a good excuse to sit on your arse and drink when you could be out accomplishing things, or riding. I gotta help out next year...

And a final note from myself: I think I have a pretty smooth website setup with the voting and winners and what not so next year I should be able to use it as a template. That means I'll hae the questions up sooner this year which will make for more time to vote and quicker results. Big thanks to my brother for helping me with the html and another big thanks to Chef for doing the dirty work in tallying all the votes again this year. Thanks all.

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