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  • 01. Poster you would most like to meet:

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    04. Best flame poster:

    05. Best lurker:

    06. Best at writing ride recaps/stories:

    07. Most humorous:

    08. Best photographer:

    09. Best bike skills (male):

    10. Best bike skills (female):

    11. Favorite gathering you didn't attend:

    12. Favorite newbie:

    13. Poster with the most "colorful" bike:

    14. Best tech advice:

    15. Most liked MTBR couple:

    16. Best looking male poster:

    17. Best looking female poster:

    18. Poster you wish would go away:

    19. Worst grammar and spelling:

    20. Most frequent poster:

    21. Most likely to take offense:

    22. Most likely to be confused:

    23. Most likely to piss you off:

    24. Any comments about this years awards?

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