Poster you would most like to meet:
Polariss (5) Jive Tolkien (4) JimC (3), Biking Viking (3), Chef (3), Fred3 (3) Mike T. (2), Brad Trent (2), rt (2), Zonic Man (2), Berrywise (2), Denise (2), the hotttest single female one (2), Spideysgirl (2), LeeL (2), DeRanger (2) Stick, Hugh-gene, MaryAnn, MTBIrv, RofunnyB, Julianna, SDF, Slide, Celly, Photo-John, Lance Armstrong, Jm, $$, Mugg, Brodiegrrl, Pete (in a dark alley), Stokey, Spike, Arbysauce, Julianna, Not a single one!, Shabadu, BigRing, AK Ken, Ska!, Twilight Error, Highside, Forest, Fireboy, Wickedgrrl, You think I actually want to meet you guys?, Rev Bubba, Woodmouse, Screampint

Favorite male poster:
AK Ken (5), Celly (5) Stokey (4) Jive Tolkien (3), Mugg (3), Chef (3), Fred3 (3) Kristian (2), Spelling Police (2), DFA (2), Nonny (2), Brad Trent (2) (note: BT must've voted twice), RevBubba(2), CraigH(2) DR1 (still), Red Ascent, Fiver, Biking Viking, SP (keep up the good work), Kristian (I just learned that this was a male?!)(everyone thinks he's a girl), Lurker Spaz 23, MikeT, Chip, Photo-John, Hedgehog 2melow, Twilight Error®, Darth, Berrywise, LeeL, Shiva, Taco, DeRanger, Radair, Jm, Skogan, RofunnyB

Favorite female poster:
Cleatgrrl (6) LittleB (5) Spike(4), Screampint (3) Polariss(2), Sabine (2), Vinnie (2), Pirate Girl (2), TinyTank (2), MTBIrv (2), Lucky (2), Screampint (2) Pete, Forrest, TNJed, Chef, Julianna (hah), rt, Elisha, Deanna, Sara, Denise, Crasher, *rt*, Celly (note: does Spike know about this?), MaryAnn, Roo, TinyTank, M-U-M, They're all good, We need more…

Best flame poster:
Brad Trent (still), Pete (Nobody comes close), TNJed, Moneyman, Arbysauce, BikinCO, cyclistgonzo, Bonee, Gnarlyone Jimmylikeskeepingweaselsinhispants, Anyone that restrains themselves

Best lurker:
Deadly Tedly (2), DFA (2), Pete (2), S+J (2), Opher (2), Taco (2), Woodmouse (2), BinkinCO (2), Chet Peach (2) DR1, Stever, Lurker Spaz 23, Mac, futs, Tiga, Cleatgrrl, D8, 1WD, Shiva, MikeT, 4arm crank, Ghost, Brad Trent, Wisconsin Biker, His name is Peter. I know he's out there., Endo, S+J (best left as one too), Shabadu, ElPerro, Neale, Britney Spears, Ska!, Dr. Faustus, moneyman, Spike, Celly. Fred cubed, AK Ken, DeadlyTedly, Spectre, Kami, John Stamstad, H.R.HuffnPuff, Those who does no post (?), Lurking, lurking, lurking, Topher, Erci, Tiggerrider

Best writer:
Ska! (4), Big Ring (4), Biking Viking (4) Rev Bubba (3), Nonny (3), LeeL (3), Brodiegrrl (3) Shabadu (2), Pete (2) DeRanger, Fred3, Pedalboy, Does anyone really write recaps/stories anymore?, Screampint, Stokey (always awe-inspiring), Wisconsin Biker, JimC, Stick, 1WD, Johnny Freeride, AK Ken, Narlus, RofunnyB, Kristian

Most humorous:
JimC (7) Brad Trent (4) Reed Weedakowski (3), We're all clowns (3), Celly (3), Ken in KC (3) Couldn't say, Jettstream, laugh with - none laugh at - Pete, Pedalboy, MikeT, Ken in KC (borrowing friend's bike post), Ichabod, TNJED®, AK Ken, Stick, Bonee, D8 for obvious reasons, wm. Fred Cubed, Shiva, chip

Best Photographer:
Finch Platte (6) AK Ken (5) BostonBullit (4) Mugg (3), Stokey (3), Chef (3) Nonny (2), Biking Viking (2) Lidarman, Pete (bolts), Pedalboy - Brad Trent sux, Spike, Stine, Finch Platte (liked the melon shot), Berrywise, I refuse to stroke Pete's or Biking Viking's ego, errr, nevermind., Craven, Gnarlyone, Anyone with a digital camera, Kami, Brodiegrrl

Best bike skills (male):
Chewy (4), 1WD (4) Tiggerrider (3), Boy George (3), 4arm Crank (2), Jm (2), JimC (2), Kami (2), Berrywise (2), Pete (2), Monte (2) Celly, JimC (at least, that's what HE says), Ryan Leech, Seth Lolli, TomB, Roger, Too hard to choose, Kristian, Twilight Error, Kami - the sicko bastard, Opher, CraigH, FP, JohnnyFreeride, ScottN, Grinder, Narlus, Flip Fantasia, ToddH, Pete - he rides with that camera, Shabadu, Acadian

Best bike skills (female):
GnarlyOne (3) Stine (2), Krizkit(2), Vicky a.k.a. Natasha, a.k.a. Verci(2) Maureen, Lucky, DirtGrrl, A13x, Pete, Vinnie, MTBIrv, Is that possible?, Jive Tolkien, Kristian(?), Berrywise(?), Sabine, Amy, deanna, TT, Spike, Need more choices…

Favorite gathering you didn't attend:
Colorado (5) All of them (4), NAGII (4), Fruita (4) Whistler (3), Bromont (3) Waterdown (2), Tahoe (2) Didn't go, Anything Canadian, Anything out West, Replay by the Bay II, August by the Sound, DR1 Memorial, All of them - I'm stuck in Australia., Bent Creek NC, Fernie, Maine, Squamish, May by the Bay III

Favorite newbie:
DeRanger (2), Elisha (2), Pete (2), Steve-O (2) Hugh-gene, Kd4life, PirateGirl, sp, Kitchenware, Konadude, LittleB, Pirategirl, They all suck., ELISHA!!! Seriously, AK Ken,, Jimmyhasnofreakinclueaboutwhathesdoinghere, Crasher, S+J (because he left already), Kieko, Denise, BV, Fred Cubed, Doc, Bonee, Meesh, Goat, Francis, Any well behaived and contributing one, I hate Newbies, Stick - is he new?

Most Colorful Bike
Kristian, now that he has that Boxxer , Rolling Bones, Finch Platte, Acadian, JimC, 2melow, 1WD - hands down. No contest - that hideous San Andreas, Bikebreath, Screampint (nothing can beat a glittery peach), Francis, Slarts, Nonny, AK Ken, T.O.M., Drevil, Twilight Error®, GTRider, Skogan, Brad Trent

Best tech advice:
Dr Hoo, Not Chef (Ed.-since when does Chef give tech advice?), GO-RIDE, Sparticus, Biking Viking, DFA (the split saddle "duct tape" incident, Fred3 (hehe), Heff, JimC, Not me, MikeT (not that I'd actually use it), GregR, Gamma Driver, Fast Eddy, Calvin Jones, Naestep, Red Ascent, Kristian, BB, Leel, CA, And for those that don't like people: Hayes caliper adjustment, Grease your spindle, Keep the rubber down, Lube your chain, Anything to do with lubed nipples, Hey - post this in the tech talk grimy's

Most liked MTBR couple:
LeeL & BrodieGrrl (9) Mugg & Rosita (7) GnarlyOne & Skogan (3), Fred3 & Quilter (3), DaMutt & Cannondale Chick (2), Nonny & Deanna (2) Finch Platte & Amy, Celly & D8, Erci & Verci, 4banger & Split Saddle, Opher & Stine, Rev Bubba & Sister Sandy, AK Ken & Claire, Photo-John & Laura, Bones & Nicole, Hoo & MTBTurtle, Fred3 & Chef, Wickedgrrl & Spook, BeaTease & SeaTea, Snapdragon & Goatboy, Krizkit & Andy, Boy George & Mary Ann, Pete & Chip, All the ones with Babies, Fred & Pete, There are couples!?

Best looking male poster:
Brad Trent, Nick, K'Endo, Johnny Freeride, Kristian aka Howard Roarke, Zonic Man, Skogan, Finch Platte, Pete (he is gay, isn't he?), Harovore, Lil Gregg, Fred3, in a Bilbo Baggins kind of way., Hollis, Celly:-), Jm, Brian Lopes, Slarts, 1WD, Commutant, Doc, MikeT, PhotoJohn, $$, Bubba Smith, Taco, BB, BillyZoom

Best looking female poster:
Crasher (5) Stine (4), rt (4), Screampint (4) Elisha (3), GnarlyOne (3), They're all good(3) Cleatgrrl (2), Sabine(2) Kristian, Lucky, Zonic Man, Spike, Julianna, Split Saddle, Vinnie, Nicole, M-U-M, Jive Tolkien, Woodmouse, Deanna, Pete, TT, Denise, Spike, Berrywise, Cannondale_Chick, Pikabike, Brad Trent

Poster you wish would go away:
TNJed (8) Fred3 (3) Stine (2), S+J (2), Denise (2), Elisha (2), D8 (2), Waspinator (2) Pete! Pete! A thousand times Pete!, Anyone who doesn't post anything about bikes or riding at all, MikeT., Brad Trent, Ken in KC, Chef, Jimmywhatshisface, Jimmyhasahanduphisass, Jimhasadickinhisass, Jimmythinkswearelaughingwithhim, Crazy Bitch/TNJed/S+J/whoever he is this week., Zonic Man, Pete the Peter, That Johnny idiot, Denise/Elisha, sp (Spelling Police, even though he/she has never corrected me), Gtrider, BikinCO, Chip, Jm, None - even the idiots are funny, Any one of the kidz who thinx that DH roolz and XC sux, Trolls, Any of 10 that come to mind would be nice

Worst grammar and spelling:
Hugh-gene (5) Bikebreath (3), The whole DH Board (3) Jimmyhasabluefork (2), Daniel (2), JimC (2) 90% of the people on the site, GTRider (Probably a dropout), Moneyman, Minichase, Anyone on any given day, Too many to list, Finch Platte, Dexter, Most of us…, Kid Flammers, TNJED, Polariss, Bonee, Pete, Taco, S + J , Newbies, BrianC, All those that "peddle"bikes with "breaks", Jm, Me, TT (but when she posts with the french accent, it's cool)

Most frequent poster:
Biking Viking (7) Twilight Error (4) Stine (3) AK Ken (2) Twilight Error (poor bastard)(since the accident), Rev Bubba, TNJed, Zonic Man, Chef, CraigH, JimC, Pirategurl, Berrywise

Most likely to take offense:
Chef (6) Celly (4), TNJed (4) Biking Viking (2) Hugh-gene, GTRider, Jm, Brad Trent, Ken in KC, Jimmyhasabluefork, Chupacabra, BikinCO, Sally, Bonee, MellowYellow, Elisha, Newbies

Most likely to be confused:
TNJed (6) Doc (2), S+J (2), Finch Platte (2), Brad Trent (2), Me (2), Celly (2) DFA, Ridemonkey, Pete (or just miss the point, split hairs, or other similar nonsense), Jm, Bikebreath, Kitchenware, Jimmyhasabluefork, Mr. GT, Chupacabra, Anyone who takes Pete seriously, Fireboy, Stick, Red Ascent, Special Ed, AndyA, wm, Julianna, $$, Bonee, Any flamebaiting newbie spaz, Spiff, Hughene, Mellow Yellow

Most likely to piss you off:
Jm (2), Newbies (2), Stine (2), Fred3 (2), Brad Trent (2), Jm (2), Shiva (2) Pete - No question., Cleatgrrl, Unabiker, MTBR's page loading speed, The whole DH board, Pikabike, Jive Tolkien, Jimmyshouldjustdie, Zonic Man, Fred3! I hate short people! J/k, TNJed, All those responding to non mtb smart asses, Chef, S+J, Ken in KC, cyclistgonzo, Julianna, Spelling Police, Pup, Hughene, BV

Other Comments
· Lovely awards

· "Favorite thread that I can remember ... the thread where somebody (Ken in KC?) described his ""lusting after another"" and stressing over his decision weather to ""take her riding"" or not, only to fool most Passionites and really be talking about his brother's Bullit."

· Thanks guys! We all appreciate the effort putting this thing together.

· Good job, Chef, we miss you on the board!

· Best Posts of the year would have to be 9/11 when everyone seemed genuinely concerned about each other's well-being, and 1/14 DR1 anniversary posts, brings out the best and all those oldie/lurkers.

· When are you going to do them for

· Pete sux.

· Award GTRider a dictionary.

· Pretty bland thanks.

· Sux, hated em, jah humbug.

· Chef's administrative roll in these awards, however small, leaves a certain stench that can best be described at "Putrid". (Ed. - then don't participate)

· I hope you didn't miss any important homwork assignments working on this thing… (Ed.-that's why he begs me for help every year ;-P)

· Best Screen Name: Alloy Nipples

· Okay BW, time to come up with some entirely new questions. berrywise notes: umm do something about. Suggest new questions or take it or leave it I guess.

· Great job, continue the tradition!

· Even now I miss the old MTBR… It just ain't the same.

· You should get paid for doing this. Or at least get some cool schwag. (Ed.- I could live with that)

· Yay! Is it legal to vote for yourself? More than once? Thanks for doing this.

· New Categories for next year: Breaks the most bikes/parts, Most likely to injure self, Least likely to actually ride (Ed.- Ghost would win that hands down), Poster with the biggest ego.

· These are my first Grimy's...I'd like to thank the academy, and all those who supported me...blah,blah,blah...Happy New Year

· Even though I lurk a lot more than I post, and even though I ride my roadie a lot more than my MTB, I still love this site and consider many of the posters to be good friends, even though I have never "met" them.

· you need a funniest post of the year category

· What about the best gahtering you DID attend??? berrywise notes: it turns into "what was the biggest gathering" award instead

· Thank for shouldering the Grimys again, BW

· thanks for putting this site together!

· We need more female posters!

· Most helpful Courtesey

· nope. well. Maybe

· Free swag to all winners! :o)

· Great job again this year

· Missing category: Best or most memorable or most influential original post.

· Good job, dude, keep it up

· Great work as always

· Very Kewl bit, Berrywise.

· Thanks for taking the time to do this!

· Who are these people anyways? Maybe it's time to redo the profile section!

· For next year add most likely to something stupid on a bike!

Twilight Error would like to thank John Jameson &Sons Whiskey and the Dropkick Murphys for getting him through tallying these votes.

Chef would like to thank Smirnoff Ice, Bass Ale, and the "Shuffle" button for the same thing.

berrywise would not like to thank Old Milwaukee & Leinies Original returnable cases for the sole fact that they delayed him heavily in getting anything done on time.

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